IE PRO YOU® lets you uncover actionable consumer insights 
at the implicit, System 1, subconscious level… 
giving you the leverage to dominate your industry.

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Comprehensive, full-picture consumer research can prevent you from making costly and time-consuming errors that can impede sales objectives, waste time and money, and even erode the credibility and authority of your business.

But if you’re like most marketing professionals, pulling insights out of consumer research is a complex challenge, leaving many consumer thoughts and feelings hidden.

That’s because the vast majority of traditional consumer research tools – many of which have been used for decades – are “explicit,” only showing you part of the picture.
There’s more to consumer research than meets the eye.
The “tried and true” consumer research techniques dominating the industry today provide a wealth of consciously deliberated, explicit, System 2 data – that is, consumer feedback that comes from a place of significant logical thought and reasoning.

While these data can’t be entirely discounted, it doesn’t paint a full picture of how consumers truly feel about and respond to marketing messages in today’s information-clogged world.

In order to see the “big picture” from which to plan and develop future marketing campaigns (and even develop future products), you need access to consumers’ implicit, System 1, subconscious thoughts and feelings. Think of these as their “first reactions” before their “logical” brain kicks in and begins logically rationalizing how they’ll respond to your products & services as well as surveys about them.

But in the real world, rational thinking doesn’t always – in fact, seldom – rules. Implicit reactions strongly influence consumer behavior.

Armed with both implicit and explicit consumer thoughts and feelings, you’ll have the power to create marketing that really connects with consumers … truly resonates with them … and positions you or your clients to rise to the top of your industry.  
But now, getting this “big picture” data is no longer difficult and expensive … 
it’s easy and affordable!
There are plenty of consumer research tools and services available today. But very few of them are designed to provide the kind of implicit and explicit data that truly give you the marketing advantage you need, want, and deserve. 

If you’re fortunate enough to find a service that can provide this complete, dual-brain, actionable intel, you can easily spend six figures getting your hands on it. And depending on the methods used to obtain it, it could end up being very slow and potentially useless in the wrong hands.
That’s why we created something better:
An affordable, robust platform that gives you explicit AS WELL AS IMPLICIT, SYSTEM 1, 
SUBCONSCIOUS data … without the headaches and guesswork of pulling it all together yourself.
IE PRO YOU® simplifies implicit data gathering and analysis, helping you quickly obtain the full picture you need and are missing by only conducting traditional explicit surveys. With IE PRO YOU® studies, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your competitive position with marketing that speaks to both levels of your consumers’ brains.

IE PRO YOU® studies are set up and run easily and quickly at your own desk, with an online connection, and with our assistance. What’s even better, when your data arrive, results and reports are generated automatically in real-time. No waiting for time-consuming analyses. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

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